FAQs - Web hosting, form mail, ecommerce and support

Frequently asked questions on web hosting, form mail, ecommerce and support.
Includes some tips on troubleshooting.

Control Panel

  • How do I access my control panel
  • Logging out of your control panel
  • Logging on to your control panel
  • General Website

  • Do you offer a catch all email account
  • Email is not being received properly
  • How do i make AOL my default program for sending email
  • Do you offer free domain names
  • Domain name still goes to the previous location
  • I have a support issue - what do I do
  • My web site isn't coming up - Website not working
  • Home page does not display after uploading
  • Can you tell me what's wrong with my web page
  • How long will it take to set up my website once I sign up with you
  • Bulletin Board forum - phpBB
  • Scripts Library
  • SSH - Secure shell client
  • How many sites do you have on a server
  • Can I run an adult site
  • Why don't you offer an Ecommerce plan
  • Web hosting Support
  • Policies
  • Do you offer Formmail
  • MIME types
  • Deleting a MIME type
  • Redirect from one one web page to another
  • Removing a redirect
  • PGP keys

  • Manage OpenPGP keys
  • Importing a key
  • Editing a key
  • Deleting a key
  • Clearing browser cache

  • Clearing Netscape browser cache
  • Clearing Internet Explorer browser cache
  • Troubleshooting

  • Premature end of script headers
  • My web site is out of space - over quota
  • What is a CGI
  • The difference between GET and POST methods
  • Environment variables
  • Other Support FAQs

  • FTP
    File Transfer Protocol. How to transfer your files to your website.
  • Email
    Information on setting up mailboxes, setting up a local email client, setting up spam filters, autoresponders and email quota.
  • Frontpage
    Frontpage resources; instructions on publishing, reverse publishing, errors and problems.
  • DNS
    Confused by DNS? Just what is all this domain stuff? Find it here.
  • Reseller - Table of Contents
    Documentation on the WHM - Webhost Manager for resellers can be found here