Policies: Spam, Late fees, Cancellations, Special Requests

Spam will not be tolerated.

Late fees: We will charge a $25.00 late fee if you are late on your payment to us.
You do have a 10 day grace period. Why do we charge a late fee? Because
we get charged a late fee.

Cancellation: If you would like to cancel your account; please send your request
from your contact email we have on file.

We will also accept a fax. Please send an email to us for fax requirements.

Account information: For security reasons; we have a strict policy on releasing
account info. If you have forgotten your userid, password,etc; we will not
give this information to anyone but the contact we have on file.
If your
webmaster calls requesting this info; we will not give it to them. We will send
it to the owner of the account.

Of course; for emergency purposes we do have one or two alternative methods
to verify who you are, which will not be revealed here.

Special Request: Any special request must come from the contact email we
have on file.