Home page does not display after uploading

Your home page does not display after uploading, it still says Welcome!
You did not name your first web page, or home page, with one of the valid file names as indicated below, so the placeholder web page still displays. This needs to be exact - all lowercase letters, spelled correctly, etc.

You uploaded to the wrong place.
All contents of your web site need to be uploaded into the public_html directory. If you have uploaded to the wrong location (such as the root folder for your account) the server will not display your pages or images.

You see a directory listing of your files
This indicates you did not name your first page correctly as well.
The index page is the page that automatically displays when a browser requests a directory on your website.

Home page file names (in order of precedence):

Make sure you have named your index page index.htm or index.html, not index.HTM or index.HTML. Unix/Linux are case sensitive operating systems and will see this as a different filename. It's good practice to always name your files and extensions in lowercase.