Reseller hosting - Reseller web hosting program

If you sign up with our affordable reseller web hosting program you can use our webhost manager for reseller hosting account maintenence, and cpanel for your customers. Offer Fantastico hosting to your customers for an added bonus


What is WebHost Manager?
WebHost Manager is the control center of the CPanel/WebHost Manager package. It is used to set up and manage our affordable reseller hosting accounts, monitor bandwidth and services, and much more - all aspects of reseller web hosting are covered through WebHost Manager. You can keep track of the accounts on your server, their bandwidth, and disk space usage, and more with only an internet connection and the click of a button.

The reseller web hosting program package includes all features listed below. Here is an overview of how the reseller plan works.

Server Setup

Remote access keys

Server Status

Service Status - Gives you the status of the services on the server
Server Information - what kind of server you're on, other specifications

Account Functions

List Accounts - With the reseller webhosting program, all of your accounts are under one umbrella. Easy for you to manage and maintain. You can get a text file listing of your reseller hosting accounts: easily imported into a database or spreadsheet. This text file contains all the things you can't remember: userids, passwords, ip addresses, what kind of plan, how much space.
Rearrange Accounts - Frees up space
View Bandwidth Usage - View the bandwidth usage of individual reseller hosting accounts
Suspend/Unsuspend an Account - suspend your user
List Suspended Accounts - List your suspended accounts
Modify Suspended Account Page - modify our suspended account page to your specifications
Password Modification - Modify your users passwords
Disable or Enable Subdomains
List Subdomains - List your subdomains

Account Information


Change WHM Theme

DNS Functions

Park or Point a Domain - Allows you to create subdomains at will ( or you can point a domain to a specific account.
List Parked Domains - List your pointed domains
Edit an MX Entry - Gives you control over your mail records. Handy if a user has their own mail machine. Use at your own risk. Knowledge of DNS is recommended.
Edit a DNS Zone - Gives you control over your dns zone. Use at your own risk. Knowledge of DNS is recommended.


In order to support clients who use FrontPage, you need to install FrontPage extensions on their site so that the FrontPage's "quirks" will work correctly on a Linux server. Install FrontPage Extensions
Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
Install FrontPage Mail Extensions


Mail Troubleshooter - The Mail Troubleshooter function enables you to send a test e-mail to a problematic address to determine what is wrong.
This process will track down the vast majority of e-mail problems that can occur.


Our affordable reseller web hosting program allows you to brand your customer control panels with your own logo.

Modify cPanel/WHM News


With this utility; there is no longer any need to contact your your webhost. You have the ability to do everything you need right here!
Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request - Gives you control over generating a csr for your users
Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain - Gives you control over installing a certificate for your users.