Accepting Credit Cards - The Integration Method

Accepting credit cards with our integration method connects the virtual terminal from your web site to the Merchant Gateway. The Merchant Gateway acts as a bridge transmitting the data from your website to the bank that process payment transactions.

Once the integration process is complete you are now ready to proceed with accepting credit cards with real-time automated processing:

1. A customer will enter your web site and navigate through its pages.

2. He/she decides to order and enters purchase information (e.g., name, credit card number, etc.) into a payment form on your website.

3. This payment form is hosted either by you, the merchant, or the merchant may choose to use Your Company's securely hosted, customizable payment form.

4. When the customer clicks to submit his or her purchase information, payment information is encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology and sent to a Your Company server.

5. The server sends the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer's bank.

6. When the authorization process is complete - this takes around five seconds - the customer receives an approval or decline response, and the Your Company server stores the transaction.

7. The customer will receive an E-mail notification of the transaction which he/she can use as a receipt or record of the sale.

8. Approved transactions are automatically settled each day and are typically funded within two to three business days.

9. Merchants can check the status of current transactions submitted directly from their website or run reports on past transaction activity by going to the Your Company web site.
10. Accepting credit cards throught the merchant account gateway using the integration method is easy. Your website designer or developer simply inserts a few lines of HTML code and uploads scripts provided to establish the connection. More detailed information on the integration method can be found in the Integration Guide.

That's it! Your business is now totally automated, accepting credit cards, and processing transactions 24 hours a day.

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