Instructions for LeapFTP - How to use Leap ftp

1. Launch the LeapFTP application, wait for the Site Manager Screen.
2. Select Add Site and type in, press Return or Enter
3. At the Site Manager, type in your IP address under your Site Name (IP is above)
4. UNCHECK Anonymous and type your user name, then press Tab or go to the next field.
5. Type your password when asked for password, then press Tab or move to the next field..
6. For Local Path, type in the path to your web page files or select the ? to find them,
This takes you to the directory for your site home page.
7. In Remote Path: type in /public_html/
8. Click on Apply and then Connect
9. You are now logged into your FTP Account
10. Name your Main page index.html and upload it after you connect along with all
your images and other folders you may have created
11. To exit, go to File ----> Exit and that will terminate your FTP session

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