Instructions for Fetch - How to use Fetch

Opening Fetch:

Double-click on the Fetch icon on the desktop.
When you start Fetch a dialog box automatically opens to create a connection (to reopen this dialog box, select the File Menu, and the New Connection option).
Use the mouse or the tab key to move among fields.

Logging On:

In the Host or Host Name field enter your domain:
In the User ID field, enter your control panel userid
In the Password field, enter your control panel password.
In the Directory field, leave this blank.
Click OK.
A connection with the ftp server is established and the session window opens.
Click OK again to make the connection, or see step 3 below.

File Transfer with Fetch

Logging On to Ftp:

The newconnect dialog box should now have the correct ftp information (if not, please revert back to step 2).
Click the OK button to make the connection.
Once connected, The Fetch window displays file and directory information on the remote computer.

Changing Directories:

To navigate among directories, double-click on a directory name.
For this tutorial, try double-clicking on the cgi-local directory.
To move up in the directory structure, select a name from the drop-down box.

Logging out

To close the connection, select the Close option from the File menu.
To open another connection, select the New Connection option from the File menu.
To close Fetch, select Quit from the File menu.

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