Instructions for CuteFTP -How to use Cute ftp

1. Open CuteFTP (v1.0)
2. Go to File ---> NEW
3. Select FTP Site
4. Enter the following information in the pop up window titled "Site Properties"
B. HOST ADDRESS: your new ip address or domain name (IF its transferred to our servers)
C. USER NAME: your user name from the confirmation email
D. PASSWORD: password from confirmation email (easiest to copy and paste)
E. LOGIN METHOD: Select NORMAL if not already selected
5. Now click on the "ACTIONS" Tab and type the following
A. On connect, swhich to this remote folder: /public_html
B. On connect, switch to this local folder: (select the folder which your html resides in)
Once you select Connect, the program will save the new ftp site into your Site Manager area

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