Alternatives to anonymous ftp

If you have files that you want to allow users to upload or download; you don't necessarily need to use the anonymous ftp. Anonymous ftp allows anyone to upload and download files from your site and it can be dangerous.

If you are offering download only:
Simply create a link to your file: This, properly coded:
a title="Download leapftp!" href=""> Download leapftp! /a
will look like: Download leapftp!

If you have a number of files for download; consider removing the index page and simply display the links to the files in the folder.

For uploading and downloading:

Create a folder; give it an ftp user and password and allow users to login to download files. They will be chained to the directory given; they cannot get anywhere else on your site. They'll need to use an ftp program.

If you only want users to upload; find an upload script. This is probably the safest of all the methods available.