Retrieve and send email

1. How do I retrieve email?

Make sure you are using an account that you created through your mail manager
section of your control panel, not the default name for the account. Make sure your email program is setup as follows:
Incoming mail server:
Login: (must be the full email address)
Pass: password 

You can access web mail at:
Account name/userid: (must be the full email address)
Password:your password.

2. How do I send email?

We do not actively offer SMTP service from our servers.
Unless someone studies your email headers when they receive your mail; noone
will ever know you are not using another SMTP server to send your domain mail. We suggest sending all outgoing email from your ISP's SMTP server, which if you do not know what it is, contact your ISP's support department.
You are welcome to try, however, it is not supported:
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server:
Login: (must be the full email address)
Pass: password

Spamming is rampant on the internet; allowing SMTP relay allows spammers
to send unauthorized email thru our mail server.

For more information on spam; please see:
FTC - Facts for consumers

Email abuse laws:

You can use web mail to send mail. However; web mail is only recommended as a
convenience; it is *not* recommended that you use web mail as your main email program. It is imperative that you do not leave email on the server; email can be lost this way. We cannot be responsible for lost mail.

Access web mail at

4. How Do I Set up an email account

To setup your email, you need to log into your control panel and
click on the mail manager button.
From there you need to create an email account to use.

Click Save Changes.

[You can enter :blackhole: to discard all incoming unrouted email, or :fail: no such address here to bounce it.]

Email Programs
Eudora for Windows
Eudora for Macintosh
Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook
Netscape Messenger
Mozilla Thunderbird- Standalone email program

5. How Do I Setup Email Forwarding?
Login to your control panel , go to Mail Menu
Click Forwarders, then click Add Forwarder.

6. How Do I Setup An Autoresponder?
Login to your control panel , go to Mail Menu
Click email
Click Auto-Responders, then click Add AutoResponder.
The rest is self explanatory.

Mailing Lists
Mailing List Setup