Email Mailing Lists

To setup a mailing list, follow these instructions
1. Select ADD LIST
4. Your instructions will be sent to your DEFAULT EMAIL ADDRESS....If you did not set this up yet (In your Mail Manager) all email is directed to the siteadmin login which is found in your confirmation email.

If you did change your default email to another email, check your email now, it should be in your inbox.

4A. You did not change your default catch all, then the easiest thing to do is just click on Web Mail though your control panel, enter your login information, when you first login you will be prompted for your default settings

5. Once you login and check your email, you should see an email with the subject

"Your new mailing list:"

Just click on it and read further instructions

Admin a list by going here:
Describe and subscription here:

We recommend setting up a test list and subscribe some test addresses, on and off the server. Mess around with the options; there are alot of them.