Importing Address Book into Horde

The Address Book provides a convenient method and place to store contact information for easy retrieval and use. It can provide a private address book as well as access to public network directory services. It also supports distribution lists so you can create your own mailing list.
This menu allows you to import to and export from your personal address book (My Addressbook). It supports both CSV (Comma Seperated Variable), Outlook, and vCard formats, as well as some other popular formats. To import an address book, you need to have the address book information to import on your local machine (on which the web browser is running).

To import an address book:
Open the Horde webmail address book you want to import the information into.
Click on the Import/Export Icon.
Select the type of address information data file you want to import from the selection list.
Click on the browse button to open a file browser to navigate among the files on your computer in order to locate the address data file.
Select the file, and click on the Import botton. The information in the file will be imported into your address book.
Some complex entries, or entries with fields that don't match the Horde address book fields, may not import correctly, so you should verify the imported data after an import. You can do this by going to the browse button. If you did not import successfully; delete your entries and start again.


All address book entries in your local mail client should be consistent (everyone has the same fields, for instance Name, Email, Address, etc) and complete. No exta commas, periods or quotation marks.

If you are using Netscape or Mozilla as your email client; your Netscape/Mozilla address book will require alot of cleanup. You will see names like this:
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: mozillaAbPersonObsolete

When you export the address book from the email client; it will save as an ldif file. You can rename this file with an extension of .csv and either open it with a text editor or excel, and delete these entries.

These are the fields Horde uses:
Home Phone
Work Phone
Mobile Phone
Home Address
Work Address

If you are adding a user to an address book manually, you can only add users to the address book called "My Addressbook" since the others are read-only.