Changing a certificate

WebHost Manager enables you to change your CPanel and WebHost Manager certificate automatically, without having to manually find and replace the certificate files. Refer to Generating an SSL certificate for more information about generating a certificate.

The CPanel certificate is used in the address and the WebHost Manager certificate is used in the address.

To change a certificate:

Click on the Change CPanel/WHM Certificate link in the SSL/TLS menu.

Enter the domain for the certificate in the Domain this CRT is for field.

Click on the Fetch button to paste the .key and .crt files for the domain into the available display spaces, if they are currently on your server. Otherwise, copy and paste the .key and .crt files into the available display areas.

Note: If you generated the certificate using WebHost Manager, the certificate files will be available. Refer to Generating an SSL certificate for more information.

Click on the Do it button.

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