E-mailing all users

WebHost Manager enables you to send an e-mail to all users on your server at any time. By default this e-mail only goes to direct account holders, but you can specify that the e-mail should be sent to all reseller accounts as well.

To e-mail all users:

  1. Click on the Email all users link in the Account Functions menu.

  2. Click on the Click Here to Attempt to Guess... link at the top of the window to have WebHost Manager guess the e-mail addresses of accounts that have not entered an e-mail address, if required.

  3. Enter the name, e-mail address, and subject of this e-mail in the From Name, From Email, and Subject fields.

  4. Enter the e-mail in the main display area.

  5. Click on the Send Email to Reseller's Customers tick box if you want to send this e-mail to reseller's clients as well as your own clients, if required.

  6. Click on the Send button.

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