Account Functions

The Account Functions area deals with all of the functions necessary to create and manage web hosting accounts, from creating and editing accounts to e-mailing all users and listing all subdomains. Refer to the many sub-topics below for more information on using the account functions in WebHost Manager.

Creating a new account
Skeleton Directory
Terminating an account
Modifying an account
Upgrading or downgrading an account
Rearranging an account
Limiting bandwidth usage
Suspending or unsuspending an account
Modifying the Suspended Account page
Modifying quotas
Modifying an account password
E-mailing all users
Display all accounts
Enabling or disabling demo mode
Unsuspending all accounts that exceed bandwidth
Fixing insecure CGI permissions
Changing a site's IP address
Enabling or disabling shell access
Resetting account - Original package bandwidth limits


Web host manager gives you the ability to transfer sites from one server to another.

Transferring one account from a WebHost Manager server with a password
Transferring multiple accounts from another server
Transferring multiple accounts from a Alabanza server

Skeleton Directory

Creating a new account

Modifying quotas

Display all accounts

Listing accounts

Listing subdomains

Listing parked domains

Reseller Index

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