How the reseller plan works

Sign up with the Reseller hosting plan at $30 per month; with a $50 one time set up fee, for the web hosting reseller plan. For every additional account you sign up; per month; you only pay $2.00 per account. There is a setup fee for the additional account; of $38, but once you have signed up that plan; you pay only 2.00 a month thereafter.

This can mean an incredible profit for you; the reseller. Here's how the reseller plan works:

You purchase a web hosting reseller plan. Total cost for initial signup is $80.00, $30.00 per month thereafter. You then design a site for and you need a place to host his site.

You decide to sign him up under your reseller hosting plan. Initial signup cost: $38.00 + $2.00 for a total of $40.00. You then pay $2.00 a month for the account every month thereafter.

The beauty of this; is you can charge any amount for a setup fee (or no setup fee - it's your choice) - and anything over the $2.00 monthly fee we charge you is yours. Charge $38.00 per month: $36.00 goes in your pocket.

Under the Reseller Hosting plan, you are the sole supporter of your customers. Your email must be the contact email; and we will only correspond with that email address. If we get a support request/phone call from one of your customers, we refer them to you, and we notify you that your customer contacted us. There is never a charge for this.

We do not limit the number of customers you can have. You are only limited by how many customers you want; and how much space you are using. This is how the reseller plan works.

Sign up additional web hosting reseller plan accounts at reseller hosting form here

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