FrontPage Reverse Publishing - Saving website to your harddrive

Saving your website to your Hard Drive in FrontPage, or saving your website to your harddrive

1. Start FrontPage 2000. You will be in the "Folder View"

2. Open the Web.
Click File..Open Web.
Click on the "Web Folders" icon on the left side.
In the "Folder Name" box type in:
(You MUST type the http:// or your site will NOT open!)
Click on "Open"
Enter Username and Password when prompted.
You are back in the "Folder View", and your files are now visible.

3. Save (Reverse Publish) your site to your local computer.
Click on File..Publish Web.
Click on Browse.
You are now back in the "Open Web" box, with C:\ in the
"Folder Name" box.
Double-Click to select a folder to save your site into, OR
click the button that looks like a folder with a star on it. (New Folder)
If you created a new folder, type the name, then press enter twice
to enter the folder.
Click "Open"
You are back at the "Publish Web" box, with the folder name you selected
in the text box.
Click the button "Publish"
If you get the message: "FrontPage needs to convert this folder into a
new Web by adding the files and folders
necessary to support FrontPage features. Do you
want to convert this folder to a Web?"
Click "Yes" (You should only get this message once)
If you get the message: "The Following pages contain Dynamic Components
that will only work if you publish to a web server
running the FrontPage Extensions"
Click "Yes" or "OK" (You will only be saving the site for backup)

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