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This can mean that there is a problem with the way hyperlinks are calculated. Reinstalling extensions and recalculating the hyperlinks are
2 different things. When you recalculate the links, the problem generally goes away away. If this changes the appearance of the page, it indicates a problem from the ground up that will need to be repaired you, preferably by re-uploading the pages.

FrontPage Save Results Component when saving forms

Issue: The Frontpage Save Results Component error is visible on a form, and will not go away. When the submit button is clicked the error will go away.

First; try recalculating your hyperlinks while connected live to the server.

This particular error is usually not a server issue. The Frontpage Save Results Component error is normally caused when forms are created offline and then published to the server. It is best to create your forms live on the server and possibly avoid the error all together. When you see this happen, connect live to the server with FrontPage, right click on your form page and select form properties.
In the box you will see \folder\_private\file.txt. This is what is causing the error. What you should see there would be _private/file.txt. Simply remove everything in front of the _private and change all the '\' to '/'. Save your page. Then view the HTML code and you will see the Frontpage Save Results Component Error is actually hardcoded by Frontpage as a result of the error occuring in the first place. Simply delete this error and save your page.

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