Frontpage 2000 publishing

1) Establish an active connection with your ISP (you MUST be
online before beginning the publish process).

2) Open the web you wish to publish with FrontPage (on your local

3) Select File | Publish Web. A dialogue box will appear that will say
"Specify the location to publish your web to".

4) Enter .

If you are publishing to the Root Web of your site, make sure the field
contains ONLY the domain name. (e.g. )

Anything following the domain name will cause the files to
be published to a sub-web (or child web).

Should the name appear as, REMOVE the "copy_of_" section
of the entry.

5) Once the correct name is displayed for your location, click OK.

6) You will be prompted for your userid and FrontPage password if you
have not yet been connected to the server during this FrontPage

During the Publish process, you will notice in the left hand corner of
FrontPage the pages listing, copying and then the web updating on the

If your web is large and there is a great deal of traffic on the
Internet, you may be timing out before the web is completely copied. If
the above does not work for you, you can always open the web remotely
(as explained above) and Import the pages from FP (File ... Import ...).
Try to import one page at first to see if you can get it through
cleanly. If that works, you can try importing several at a time until
your site is copied.

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Frontpage 2000 publishing

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