Backup your FP2000 web

To Backup your FP2000 web (or reverse publish)...

1. Connect to the Internet and start Frontpage2000
2. Click File, then Open Web
3. When window appears, type your domain name in the Folder name field, example...:
4. Click Open, you will then be asked for your username and password. 
5. Your web will now load. At this point you are editing the web remotely, so any changes you make directly effect the copy of the web on the server. 
6. After it is loaded, go to File. Click Publish Web
7. A window will appear. Click Options. Select "Publish all pages, ..." as well as "Include subwebs". You may click the Options button again if you like, otherwise, click Browse to select the location on your computer you want your web stored. 
8. After selection a location, click Open. Now click Publish.
9. You may or may not get the following message..."Frontpage needs to convert this folder into a new Web by adding...etc...Do you want to convert this folder?". Click yes. At this point, your pages should begin publishing to your harddrive. Simply let it publish and once it is complete you will be able to edit your site via your harddrive. 

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